Luxury apartments

in the the heart of Krakow Old Town

Luxury apartments for rent Krakow
  • Luxury and modern apartments in Krakow for long term rent - direct access to the Old Town, railway station and shopping center.
  • Interiors designed by recognized experts. The style and luxury.
The luxury SPA complex

for the residents

Luksusowe apartamenty w Krakowie
  • We seek to provide our guests with everything necessary to cater for their wellbeing and comfort.
  • Guests can enjoy our recreational swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam and dry rooms.
Neoclassical mansion

after the total renovation

Luksusowe apartamenty w Krakowie
  • Radziwiłłowska mansion - the unique residence after the total renovation.
  • In the mansion there are reception desk and twenty-four-hour security service.

Apartment 1

Luksusowy apartament do wynajęcia Kraków

Suite No. 1 on the second floor a well-organized and functional space combining comfort and a sense of luxury....

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Apartment 2

Luksusowy apartament do wynajęcia Kraków

Suite No. 2 on the first floor
has been designed with particular emphasis on innovative solutions...

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Apartment 3

Luksusowy apartament do wynajęcia Kraków

Suite No. 3 on the first floor 
high quality finishes, elegant, practical solutions and original items of equipment...

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Apartment 4

Luksusowy apartament do wynajęcia

Suite No. 4 on the second floor
due to the presence of the original lamps, the lighting is particularly attractive ...

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