Krupnicza 7

adress: Krupnicza 7
post code: 31-123 Kraków
number of apartments: 1
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Krupnicza 7 Residence

The residence at Krupnicza 7 is a town house renovated on 2005, formerly known as "Rezydencja na Piaskach".  The building occupies a central part of Krupnicza street, which starts from the junction of Podwale and Karmelicka streets.  And the Bagatela theatre, well known to all Kraków residents is located just there. This makes finding the residence extremely simple.

The aesthetically refurbished town house is very functional and well laid out. It features a spacious and bright courtyard. Its cobblestones interspersed with a few islands of vegetation fit in perfectly with the surrounding buildings.

As already mentioned the location is an attraction in itself. In direct vicinity of the Main Square, close to Wawel and the old Kazimierz district, guests will be able to visit central Kraków's sights without the need to use public transport or taxis. There are also a number of cosy cafes and restaurants tight next to the town house, further emphasising its convenient location.


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